Deer Creek State Park

July 18, 2021

Columbus Triathlon & Multisport Festival

Basic Race Info

Race Overview
The Columbus Triathlon and Multisport Festival has something for everyone, including all ages and ability levels! Races include beginner, sprint, olympic, and ⅓ iron distances in triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, and aquathlons, and various open swim distances. Racers call the Columbus Triathlon one of the best events in Ohio because of our positive, friendly community of support! It's a small race with a big race atmosphere. Plus there is free training help, along with awesome performance tees in gender specific cuts, in-race pictures, finisher medals, and a post-race meal to go! Race assured that we will ensure the safety of all athletes, have medical support and law enforcement on site, adhere to all Federal, State and Local ordinances, and implement COVID-19 protocols to limit the spread of the virus, so you can achieve your goals! All are welcome at the Columbus Triathlon and Multisport Festival.

Athlete Guide's Guide to Race Weekend

Learn more details about all aspects of the race in a handy guide you can download, print and keep. Be ready for race day with all the details. Learn more! 

Race Distances

  • Beginner Triathlon = 300m Swim / 7 Mile Bike / 1.5 Mile Run
  • Sprint Races = 750m Swim / 12.4 Mile Bike / 5k Run (First Duathlon Run is 1.5 Miles)
  • Olympic Races = 1500m Swim / 24 Mile Bike / 10k Run (First Duathlon Run is 5k)
  • ⅓ Iron Races = 2000m Swim / 35 Mile Bike / 9.3 Mile Run (First Duathlon Run is 5k)
  • 3k & 5k Swim = 3000m & 5000m

Race Venue
The Columbus Triathlon and Multisport Festival will take place at Deer Creek State Park Beach in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, which is about 50 miles south of Columbus. 

Packet Pick-up, and the Start/Finish Lines will be at the beachfront. The address is 14403 Crownover Mill Rd, New Holland, OH 43145. Follow the signs for the Beach. There is plenty of parking at the beachfront, and all the race festivities will be in the main parking lot right up the hill from the beach.

Parking and Restrooms
There will be parking available at the beachfront. 

Race Awards
We do not offer race awards, because we believe everyone is a winner. So enjoy your swag, finisher medal and meal to go, and celebrate your accomplishment with family and friends (at home of course, due to COVID). 

Our races are sanctioned by USAT, and we submit age group results in the triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and aquabike in 5-year increments to USAT (within 15 days of the race) for the purposes of calculating national rankings and eligibility for USAT Nationals and All American consideration.

Training Resources, Plan and Tips and Tricks
Find helpful training resources including tips and tricks, training plans, and much more here!

Race Packing List
We can help you pack for race day by checking out our packing list too. Learn more!

Packet Pick-up Procedures
Athletes can pick up their race packets on Saturday from 4-6pm or on race morning starting at 5:45am. Packet pickup will be at the Beachfront; please look for the white tents and the registration signs. Packet Pickup will work like this: 

  • Please register online before you come to packet pick-up. There is no in-person race day registration at the race venue. Registration will remain open online through the start of the last race, so register before you come. 
  • You may wear a mask and socially distance at least 6-10 feet from everyone at the race venue. Disposable masks will be available for those who forget, lose or damage their mask on race day.
  • You are welcome to pick-up packets for friends or family members. We hope this will limit groups of people and cut down on the number of people picking up packets.
  • Athletes will line up outside the registration tent, spacing 6 feet apart. A staff member will call you up to registration and first discuss with you the results of your COVID-19 Home Safety Self Check (see above). If you can answer no to all the questions, you will be able to pick up your packet. 
  • Give the staff your name and they will give you your race packet, which includes: 
    • Swim cap (everyone who will be swimming as a part of their race)
    • Race Bib and Pins - Every athlete in the triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon will be required to wear a bib number on the front of their person during the running portion of the race ONLY. You can pin the number to you or use a race belt. 
    • Bike Sticker - Every athlete in the triathlon, duathlon, aquabike and cycling time trial will be required to have a race number sticker on their bike. Bike numbers can be placed on the top tube or seat post.
    • Event Tee (please register at least 2 weeks in advance to be guaranteed)
    • Finisher Medal (please register at least 2 weeks in advance to be guaranteed)

NOTE: You will get your timing chip race morning, so please come back to the registration area for that race morning. 
NOTE: You are asked to body mark yourself at home before you come to the race venue. We will email you your race number in advance. Please see below for more information on how to mark yourself. 

Body Marking At Home Guide
Please use the following guide to body mark yourself at home before you come on race day. If you forget or are unable to do this, we will have markers available for personal use on race day. Body marking is an essential part of triathlons and other multisport races. These numbers help identify you on race day and can be used to help timers, volunteers, staff, and emergency workers identify you on race day. Every racer except those doing the run, cycling time trial or open swim, need to complete body marking. 

Preparing to Body Mark:

  • Use a permanent or body marker. Be sure the marker is a dark color, preferably black. You can use any type of permanent marker but the thick chisel markers work best. 
  • Get your race number and race type and distance
  • Be sure the marks are large enough to see from 20 feet away, so please write in large block numbers
  • Mark your body or have a friend/family member help you: 

Write Race number on RIGHT & LEFT BICEP - Race Number is written vertically on both sides
NOTE: If an athlete cannot reach their bicep, race number can be written on the back of the hand on both sides. Please also make them horizontal and large.

Start Details

We are going to use a wave start for the races, but there is plenty of space to spread out if you want to maintain social distance. Here are the starting details:

  • There will first be a brief pre-race meeting or you can review all the information in the athlete guide and race website for more information. You may also ask questions of our staff as needed on race day, or email or call us with questions in advance of the race. 
  • All races will start at the beachfront, with the exception of the duathlons, which start at the Run Out area of Transition, which starts at Bike Out in the transition area.
  • Races will start in waves in the water. Please arrive at your designated time.

Start Times
Please arrive at your designated start area at least 15 minutes before your race begins. 

  • 6:45am: All Duathlons Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting
  • 7:00am: ⅓ Iron Tri, Aquabike & Aquathlon Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting
  • 7:15am: 5k, 3k and 1500m Open Swim Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting
  • 7:30am: OLY Tri, Aquabike & Aquathlon Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting
  • 7:45 Sprint Tri, Aquabike & Aquathlon Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting
  • 8:15am Beginner Triathlon Start Following a Brief Pre-Race Meeting

Course Information Here!

The Finish Line
All athletes will have a common finish line where you walk, jog or run through the common finish line. Open Water Swimmers need to run up the beach and through the finish line. Aquabikers need to rack their bikes and then walk, jog or run through the finish line. Everyone else will finish their run race segment and run through the finish line arch. 

Post Race to Go!
While we cannot party after the race, we can give you all the tools to celebrate with family or friends at home. After the race we will give you a goodie bag with a to-go meal. So take that, and all your swag (finisher medal is in the packet at the beginning of the race) and go home to show off your accomplishment. For the safety of all athletes, please adhere to the following: 

  • There will not be a post-race party. Instead we are giving athletes their post race meal to go when they finish the race. You can pick up your post-race meal goodie bag after you cross the finish line. 
  • There is to be no spitting, or projections of any bodily fluid before, during or after race. We will have portable restrooms at packet pickup and on course for you to use. 
  • All participants must avoid any physical contact with other participants, which includes high fives, fist bumps, or close contact before, during or after the event. 
  • Before and during the race, participants must abide by the six-foot social distancing requirement when lining up or passing other participants. Additionally on course, please try to give other races plenty of space and whenever possible keep 6-10 feet of distance between you and any other racers. 
  • Spectators are not permitted on the course. 
  • Participants are encouraged to gather their belongings and leave immediately after the event. We discourage congregating before or after the race. 

Results will be available online at right after the race or at later in the day. Results will be submitted to USA Triathlon within 15 days of the race. Results are submitted in 5-year age group increments for the triathlon, duathlon, aquabike and aquathlon for the purposes of USAT rankings